GWM’s Building of Hydrogen Industry Ecology Boosts New Energy Revolution

BAODING, China, June 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Last month, GWM finished the first 70MPa type III bottle test for its hydrogen technology. Which marked another technical breakthrough the company made in hydrogen power industry after the hydrogen energy strategy released in March, and many innovative application results of hydrogen energy technologies and products brought by GWM’s subsidiary FTXT to the 2021 Auto Shanghai in April.

At present, the global economy and energy industry are ushering in the “decarbonization era”, and saving energy and protecting the environment has become a global trend. In this context, hydrogen energy is regarded as the clean energy with the most development potential in the 21st century. Following this trend, GWM is striving to break core technology barriers, link the upstream and downstream industry chains and accelerate the commercial promotion of hydrogen energy by building an international supply chain ecology integrating hydrogen “production-storage-transportation-refueling-application”. In addition, the company has also launched a world-class full-scene solution of “hydrogen power systems” meeting vehicle regulations—the Hydrogen- L.E.M.O.N. Technology, which is the technical core of GWM’s hydrogen energy strategy and one of GWM’s fundamental technology lines for the L.E.M.O.N. platform. The solution covers hydrogen fuel cell systems, fuel cells and electric piles, vehicle-mounted hydrogen storage systems, and key components. According to GWM’s current plan, the world’s first SUV with Class C hydrogen fuel cell created based on the Hydrogen- L.E.M.O.N. Technology will be launched this year, and it will support an endurance mileage of up to 840km.

GWM's building of hydrogen industry ecology boosts new energy revolution

As the first Chinese auto enterprise in the Hydrogen Council, GWM started to set up a world-class R&D team for hydrogen energy, fuel cell systems and vehicle technologies early in 2016 and this team consists of industry elites from Germany, the UK, Korea, Japan, the USA and China. At the same time, GWM has formed an R&D landscape spanning 7 countries and 10 regions in Europe, North America and Asia, laying a solid foundation for the innovation of its hydrogen energy industry. For the purpose of meeting the demand for whole industrial chain R&D, GWM has invested a total of RMB 2 billion and in the next 3 years, will plunge another RMB 3 billion into the hydrogen energy R&D sector, to reach the production capacity of 10,000 sets and become a leading enterprise in this sector.

In strict accordance with the requirements of low carbon and environmental protection, and guided by the concept of “over-investment” in R&D, GWM continuously strengthens the development of hydrogen energy technology, new energy power battery technology and other future clean technologies, actively fulfills its social and environmental responsibilities, and serves users worldwide based on the concept of “green + intelligent” travel. It aims to create environmentally friendly industrial chain ecology, and “build a sustainable and beautiful society by hydrogen energy”.

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