ICIC lauds Jordan’s airdrops to deliver aid to Gaza

Amman: The Amman Declaration issued by the meetings of the 37th session of the Islamic Committee of the International Crescent (ICIC) on the humanitarian situation in Gaza praised “the important efforts made by Jordan and Jordan Red Crescent Society (JRCS) in carrying out airdrops of humanitarian aid in Gaza.

The declaration also commended the Kingdom’s “serious” endeavors to open another crossing for delivering humanitarian aid to alleviate suffering of the Palestinian people in the strip.

According to a ICIC statement Thursday, the declaration hailed the “great” humanitarian efforts undertaken by Palestine Red Crescent Society, calling for protecting and respecting its medical teams, paramedics, ambulances, health centres, and rescue operations.

The declaration called for lifting Gaza siege, opening border crossings, and allowing humanitarian aid to enter the strip, which would contribute to its delivery to all Gaza areas.

Additionally, the document praised other countries’ efforts to carry out airdrops
of humanitarian aid, in cooperation with national and international bodies, associations and organizations.

It welcomed establishment of a center to document violations of international humanitarian law carried out by the Israeli authorities in the Palestinian territories.

Moreover, the ICIC extended thanks and appreciation to the Republic of South Africa for filing a lawsuit against Israel before the International Court of Justice to prosecute it for crime of genocide.

On future action, the ICIC advised launching a mechanism for cooperation and coordination and unifying efforts to provide urgent humanitarian aid to Gaza, valuing JRCS’s efforts and its cooperation in organizing 37th session of the Islamic Committee of the International Crescent.

Source: Jordan News Agency