Information Minister inaugurates Media center to cover Presidential elections

Damascus,SANA- Minister of Information, Imad Sara, inaugurated on Monday a Media center to cover the presidential elections at the building of the Ministry of Information in Damascus which presents services to all local, Arab and foreign media.

The center presents all media services for journalists and local, Arab and foreign media outlets in one place to allow all television and radio channels and news agencies broadcast and cover the presidential elections in Syria from 7 AM till the closure of the ballot boxes.

The center is equipped with technical equipment, computers, means of communication and internet services at high speeds to exchange news, video files and photos, in addition to providing free direct broadcast service, a private studio for filming and conducting television interviews, and a radio transmission unit for radio coverage.

It has also been equipped with screens to transmit media coverage from the governorates through Syrian news channels and the center includes a ballot box for those wishing to vote.

In a statement to reporters, Minister of Information said that there are 165 accredited correspondents representing 65 media institutions, and the total number of journalists coming from abroad and those accredited inside Syria reached up to 290, as media delegations came from the United States of America, Russia, Denmark, the Netherlands, China and Japan to cover the elections.

Presidential elections are scheduled to be held next Wednesday, May 26, from 7 in the morning until 7 in the evening.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)