Mindray Launches Resona I9 Ultrasound System, Revolutionizing General Imaging

SHENZHEN, China, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mindray (SZSE: 300760), a global leading developer and provider of medical devices and solutions, has announced the release of its latest general imaging diagnostic ultrasound system, Resona I9, to its suite of general imaging solutions. With innovations both inside and out, Resona I9 provides accurate and timely answers for clinicians, while delivering outstanding efficiency and a remarkable user experience.

Mindray Launches Resona I9 Ultrasound System, Revolutionizing General Imaging

Resona I9 was developed based on Mindray’s in-depth insights into complex clinical scenarios and is a state-of-the-art ultrasound system equipped with all the latest technologies. Delivering innovation in every facet, Resona I9 features a customizable control panel, foldable structure to a height of one-meter, extended battery life and super silent design — all of which help reduce fatigue to a minimum during scans. Mindray’s revolutionary ZST+ platform powers the system and elevates it to an unparalleled level in its class by delivering exceptional image quality for infinite imaging solutions.

“At Mindray, we are constantly striving to provide better healthcare solutions for clinicians. To do this, we need to deeply understand our customers, be inspired by their daily work, and harness these insights to deliver innovations that make a difference to their workflow. Resona I9 has evolved with the changing demands of diagnostic imaging and includes a suite of innovative features, all powered by our advanced ZST+ platform,” said He Xujin, General Manager of Mindray Imaging System Division.

Resona I9’s iConsole control panel features a breakthrough design and adaptive layout for different clinical scenarios. Its E-ink keys are customizable for functions that are most frequently used during scans, while the full-space floating control panel can be adjusted for better space utilization allowing Resona I9 to easily meet various scanning needs for patients. These revolutionary design elements enable new possibilities for ultrasound exams and improve workflow efficiency from the beginning.

The solution’s high frame-rate (HiFR) STE delivers consistent shear waves and precise tissue stiffness access to bring more sensitive motion detection for greater stability and accuracy during scans. Resona I9 is also equipped with Smart Breast and Smart Thyroid automatic standard lesion analysis, which shortens examination times for more effective scanning.

With its innovative features and unlimited scanning flexibility, Mindray’s Resona I9 provides clinicians with the comprehensive tools required for more precise diagnostic treatment – enabling enhanced diagnostic confidence for better patient care.

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