President al-Assad: Syria has genuine potentials to overcome blockade and lessen its impacts

Damascus-President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday visited a number of factories and facilities at Adra industrial city in Damascus countryside which were established under the circumstances of the war and blockade, but their owners have succeeded despite all difficulties and challenges.

During the visit, President al-Assad inspected the production situation in the industrial city and met the industrialists and discussed with them means of boosting production and overcoming obstacles that may face industry in Syria.

“Syria has genuine potentials to overcome the blockade and lessen its impacts and create more investment opportunities,” president al-Assad said in a press statement.

“I am very happy with my visit today to Adra industrial city and meeting with a number of Syrian industrialists… this city which has been on the front line between the army and terrorists since many years…but it has withstood… my visit today aims to stress the priority of economy in the upcoming stage,” President al-Assad added.

The President affirmed “what I have seen today can’t be described except as excellent, taking into consideration the circumstances to which this region has lived during the years of war and the conditions to which the Syrian economy passes through… I believe that this visit is very important for anyone to raise his morale through the morals taken by the supervisors of the work, owners of industries and workers in the industrial sectors.”

President al-Assad added “This patriotic spirit that I have already touched at supervisors of the work and workers gives several messages in Syria… while I was inspecting the facilities, the first thing that came to my mind is a comparison, which comes spontaneously, between those who offered the national capitals during hard circumstances for creating job opportunities and supporting the economy, and those persons who fled with their capitals since the first days.

“When the signs of war have begun, they took the capitals they had collected in their country and migrated, at the time, the Syrian citizen was coming through a tunnel; Security tunnel, livelihood and economic tunnel, and he/she has thought that there would be too many brothers who would offer assistance,” the President said.

President al-Assad went on to say “Actually, What I have already seen sends many messages; messages to persons who possess the potentials, capabilities and resources but they lack the courage and spirit of the initiative to launch work and production, sends messages full of hope and confidence ..confidence that during those circumstances ,the industrial sector has been able to remain and withstand, therefore, the most important message that we get from this visit is that if we have the will to build the homeland ,then we are able to build.”

President al-Assad added that we are in need for the capital, in need for strong will and the patriotic sense, “and I felt that these three elements are existed with each one I met today, these three basic factors give momentum to many investors to establish industries in different areas, investments or productive facilities in other areas in Syria.”

“In fact, those persons are the ones on whom the Syrian society and homeland can depend in building economy and homeland in general…and certainly, the State will stand by them because they deserve all support as they carry on today the war on a front which is a front of work and a front of economic war… the Syrian citizen expect from you a lot and the State supports you in order to reflect these joint efforts as numbers in the economy, job opportunities and a prosperity for the homeland,” President al-Assad concluded.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)