Radaideh honors approved green building projects in Jordan

Minister of Environment, Muawieh Radaideh, on Tuesday honored the approved green building projects in Jordan at King Hussein Club.

Speaking on the 15th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the Jordanian Green Building Council headquarters, Radaideh said expansion of green building area enhances concepts of sustainability and aligns with Economic Modernization Vision.

He also referred to Royal directives and the national efforts that made “confident” steps towards the green economy and climate change, represented by approval of National Green Economy Plan and nationally set contributions and climate change policy.

Jordan, he said, is at the forefront of countries that have taken “serious” environmental action to confront climate change by signing all international treaties that address related consequences, promote ecological preservation, biodiversity, and waste management.

Additionally, he pointed to the successive waves of refugees that hit the Kingdom, which put pressure on its infrastructur
e and exacerbated the consequences of climate change.

He also noted importance of partnership between the public and private sectors, to confront climate change and activate green economy policies.

In this regard, he said 27% of electricity is generated in Jordan from renewable energy sources that is ecologically “safe,” in addition to facilitating purchase of electric vehicles.

He stressed that environmental sustainability is a quality pillar of life and green economic development, which the King made a national priority.

Source: Jordan News Agency