Sabbagh: Interactive integration between all components of resilience and confrontation

Damascus, SANA- The People’s Assembly on Sunday held its 4th session of the 3rd regular round for the third legislative term, headed by its Speaker Hammoudeh Sabbagh.

In a speech at the Assembly, Sabbagh affirmed that what Syria has witnessed over the past days of huge popular turnout in the presidential elections and the celebrations on their results are considered a unique phenomenon that will be recorded in history.

Sabbagh noted that the great Syrian people chose a great leader which means that those people have a great ability to understand reality according to the logic of interactive integration between all components of resilience and confrontation.

On the occasion of the anniversary of May 29th martyrs, Sabbagh revived the memory of the martyrs, stressing that their grandchildren today carry the same banner in the face of the same colonizer, and “today we will win a historic battle waged by our people and our army under the wise and courageous leadership of President al-Assad.”

In their interventions, a number of MPs affirmed that the Syrian people chose a president who meets their aspirations for a future full of hope and work, while the widespread participation in the elections was a strong response to the enemies of Syria and a message to them in which the Syrians affirmed the meaning of commitment to national constants and sovereignty and their right to determine their future and their leadership and their rejection of any external interference in their internal affairs.

They indicated that the next stage will be a new start for work, production and reconstruction, affirming that the completion of the presidential elections was a resounding victory in which all spectrums of the Syrian people participated.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)