Sablin: Presidential elections in Syria are significant

Moscow, Member of the State Duma, Coordinator of the Russian Parliamentary Group for the Relations with People’s Assemble, Dmitry Sablin, stressed that the presidential elections in Syria are significant as they come after victory over terrorist groups.

Speaking to SANA correspondent in Moscow, Sablin asserted that “the elections are so important for the whole country after years of war and this is what distinguishes them”, voicing his confidence that all Syrians would come to ballot boxes and cast their votes for their country.

He pointed out that Russia will send a delegation consisting of representatives of parliamentary, governmental and social institutions to keep up with the elections and carry its duties out transparently.

In another context, Sablin indicated to the hard circumstances the Syrians have been living in areas controlled by US and Turkish occupation forces, clarifying that all occupiers use all means to exert pressure on the Syrian people including terrorist tools and unjust economic sanctions.

Source: Syria Arab News Agency