SecuLetter Promotes Korea’s Innovative Security Technologies in Middle East

2021 K-Security Webinar in Saudi Arabia on June 16

SEOUL, South Korea, June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SecuLetter, a company that specializes in detecting and blocking malicious code and a member of Born2Global Centre, will soon host 2021 K-Security Webinar in Saudi Arabia with Best IT (Best Information Technology System), its partner in the Middle East to promote Korea’s outstanding security technologies.

The webinar aims to share the latest cyber security threats and best practices for defending against the sophisticated threats. As the business move towards remote working and virtual engagements, cyber attack surface has widened and number of cyber-incident has increased dramatically. Those who are interested in participating may apply through the webinar registration site. (

2021 K-SECURITY WEBINAR in Saudi Arabia

At the webinar, SecuLetter and more Korean security solutions will be introduced to potential Middle Eastern clients, including companies in Saudi Arabia, and will work to expand its supply network. The webinar will feature SecuLetter, Best IT and three major Korean security firms with participants mostly comprising representatives of Saudi Arabia’s government and public agency and educational organization. The Korean security company speakers will introduce their security technologies and solutions with the best practices.

  • Proactive Protection against Advanced Cyber Threats
  • Secure Your Business with Identity and Access Management
  • The Best Way to Prevent Data Leakage
  • Untact Networking under COVID19 with Easy 2 Simple, Secure, and Smart Management

SecuLetter, the organizer of this webinar is an advanced malware analysis expert which provides the proactive security against the cyber threats. With the SecuLetter automatized reveres-engineering analysis technology, malicious attacks such as evasive threats can be detected and blocked before reaching to corporate email and file systems. Since SecuLetter has attracted investment from Riyadh Valley Company, a Saudi Arabian venture capital firm in 2019, SecuLetter has remained active in the Middle Eastern security market.

Chasung Lim, CEO of SecuLetter said, “As we have attracted investment and secured references in Middle East, we are hoping to provide more Korean outstanding security solutions, various and valuable experience in cyber security to Middle Eastern market.”

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