Step group, in its fifth exhibition, celebrates Syrian heritage and popular memory

Damascus- fifteenth participants, mostly women between 16th and 75th years old, from “step group,” attended through their works at an art exhibition entitled “Memory and Jasmine.”

The Exhibition sheds lights on the Syrian heritage and the revival of the popular memory in the exhibition, hosted by the Arab Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh, included more than 30 works by professional and amateur artists, combining love of art, heritage and homeland.

Artist Osama Diab told SANA that the exhibition is the fifth for the group, which is held annually for a number of women, housewives, artists, and people with talents, adding that what distinguishes this year’s session is its observation of the beauty and the corners of civilization in our Syrian society that included all the geographical and demographic elements of the homeland, including deserts, mountains, folklore, clothing, and necessities of life.

Artist Samah Zarzour participated in two plastic  painting works that talk about Damascus, its spirit and popular memory of Al-Mahbaj,  the Damascene chair, and the old houses in Syria, pointing out that caring for heritage means belonging to the homeland, and Syria is rich in beauty.



Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)