Syrian-Cuban Friendship Committee discusses parliamentary ties with Cuban Ambassador

Damascus- the Syrian –Cuban Friendship committee at the people’s Assembly discussed on Tuesday with Ambassador of Republic of Cuba in Damascus, Miguel Porto Barga , means of enhancing and developing  parliamentary relations between two countries .

The Ambassador of Cuba affirmed that presidential election and the winning of Dr. Bashar al-Assad dealt a blow to the US and its allies, appreciating the great sacrifices offered by the Syrian Arab Army in the face of terrorist organizations, without which terrorism would have reached to the Latin American continent.

He called for the development of Cuban-Syrian relations at all levels and for continuous coordination at international forums to defend the issues of the two friendly countries and to continue the struggle in the face of global imperialism.

In turn, Chairman of the Committee, Muhammad Jarra , described Syrian-Cuban relations as deep and strong, indicating that peoples in the two countries have many common denominators , most notably the struggle against the United States of America to protect the sovereignty of the two countries and their independent decision.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)