Syrian team comes first in the Arab open competition for the mental calculation

Qamishli, SANA-A Syrian team from the city of Qamishli which participated in the Arab open competition for the mental calculation held in Algeria via internet gained the first place after a strong 4-month competition with the participation of 2000 children.

Trainer of the Syrian team, Rawdah al-Maktaf, said that Syrian child Zana Othman came first in the final stage which witnessed the participation of five children from the Syrian team.

Ahmad Dirbas, Anoud al-Kirat came third in the compound level, while Sa’ad al-Khudre and Alya Faisal gained the third rank in the simple level.

Last year, a Syrian team from Qamishli gained the second place in the Arab championship that was held in Egypt.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

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