Shabaan: holding presidential entitlement as scheduled is challenge to the western states

Damascus, SANA- Special Advisor at the Republic Presidency, Bouthaina Shaaban, stressed that holding  presidential electoral entitlement as scheduled and the winning of Dr.Bashar al-Assad of the post of  President is ,in itself, a challenge to the will of the Western states that have been conspiring against Syria since 10 years.

In an interview to  Syria TV channel on Saturday evening, Shaaban indicated that those  states which  supported terrorism in Syria are the same ones that tried to confuse the constitutional entitlement,  reiterating that the Syrian people challenged all the western regimes  that tried to prevent them from participating in the  entitlement and went out to the streets to say their word  ”We are the ones who determine and decide, and all what you have done don’t affect us as we know that you have always wanted the sedition in our country between  our people and leadership.

She asserted that the relation between President al-Assad and the people is mutual and that the message he sent through his speech on Friday on  the occasion of his winning came as a response and challenge to the west attempts to  subjugate this people who withstood in front of the coercive unilateral measures and dealt with  the economic blockade during the terrorist war on Syria.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

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