Terrorists prevent basic and secondary students from reaching Trunbeh –Saraqeb corridor to take exams in Hama

Idleb, SANA-Terrorist groups in areas of their positions in Idleb prevented students from heading to Trunbeh-Saraqeb corridor to be transported by buses to Hama city to take basic and secondary education exams.

Deputy Head of the Executive Office of Idlib Governorate Council, Eng. Fadi Al-Saadoun, told SANA reporter on Saturday that Idleb province, in cooperation with the Russian Coordination Center, has reopened Trunbeh corridor in Saraqib area providing it with all required logistical equipment ,such as medical points and buses to transport students through it to temporary housing centers Hama city.

In a similar statement, the deputy head of the Russian Coordination Center pointed out that the Turkish side had knowledge of the opening of the corridor that was established in cooperation with the Syrian government to exit citizens and students from the areas where terrorists are positioned to areas of the Syrian state.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

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