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Turkish occupation forces and mercenaries continue displacement policy against citizens in Hasaka countryside

Hasaka-Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries of terrorist groups are going on in the policy of systemized displacement against Syrian citizens in some occupied regions of Hasaka in addition to perpetrating acts of killing, looting and kidnapping against families and their properties. According to the Social Affairs and Labor Department in Hasaka, nearly 50 thousand citizens

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Plane carrying Syrians stranded abroad arrives at Damascus Int’l Airport from Egypt

Damascus- A plane of the Syrian Airlines carrying 232 Syrian citizens stranded abroad landed at Damascus International Airport on Thursday coming from Cairo Airport in Egypt in implementation of the decisions of the government team tasked with confronting the Coronavirus. Transport Ministry said that the plane which came from Cairo Airport to Damascus International Airport, was

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US Military Killed 130 Civilians in 2019, Pentagon Says, Lower than Watchdog Estimates

U.S. military operations killed about 130 civilians and injured 91 others in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia last year, according to a Pentagon report seen by Reuters on Wednesday, though the figures were far lower than those reported by watchdog groups. During operations in Afghanistan in 2019, 108 civilians were killed, with 22 killed in total in

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