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About Us

The insight of the Arab news service

The Arab news service is the website that covers the news from all over the world and with that it also reports the happenings of the Arab world and reveals them to the people from the different regions of the world. One of our purposes is to let the western world understand the issues of this particular region and take their part in resolving those issues. The Arab region is always in the limelight of the world’s politics, because it is the region that leads the world’s economy. Our website is the first choice of people when it comes to find the news related to the Arab region, and behind that success there is our struggle, which has made us to achieve that landmark.

Code of Conduct

There are many reasons of our success in the news industry and one of them is our unparalleled attribute of sharing only authentic news and to do that we constantly make sure that the news gets checked and verified before it is published. For us the biggest concern is to make sure that no one questions our credibility, as we believe that question on the news on our website, will take out our unparalleled reliability, which we have taken years to build. The authentic source of gathering news is our pride and that is what which makes us stand apart from other online news websites.

Our efforts to accelerate the business activities

The Arab news service is the website that considers itself responsible to take part in contributing to boost up the economy of both the Arab region and rest of the world. Publishing every news regarding economic sector on our website, depicts that we are concerned about the economic boom, and through publishing different news related to the economy, we try to compel the world’s superpowers to come up with the policies that can become a reason of the economic boom. One of another indication of our website to contribute to the betterment of the economy is our service to the businesses to use the platform of our website for submitting their press releases in order to get the global reach and higher number of the traffic on their websites.

Our social media platform

Through social media, we are able to meet and interact with our regular readers, as we consider it the useful platform for getting to know what our readers are up to regarding our services. This is the reason we are very active on different social media websites. We also offer daily email news alerts and RSS news feeds services in order to get people aware the news of each sector.