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Hotlines and one thousand doctors within Damascus doctors initiative for tackling coronavirus

Damascus- Hotlines for answering the questions and a team of doctors and remote communication with specialists in China, France and Italy are different tracks that have been launched by Damascus Doctors Syndicate with the aim of tackling the new coronavirus (covid-19). Head of Damascus Doctors Syndicate Dr. Hassan Ghabash said that based on its social responsibility and

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HRW: Ankara Denying Water to Syrian Kurds as Coronavirus Escalates

Turkey is being accused of "weaponizing" water against Syrian Kurds amid the coronavirus epidemic. Ankara is dismissing the accusation, however, as a "smear campaign."   U.S.-based Human Rights Watch warned Tuesday that "Turkish authorities' failure to ensure adequate water supplies to Kurdish-held areas in northeast Syria is compromising humanitarian agencies' ability to prepare and protect vulnerable communities in the COVID-19

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