Oman unveils preparations for Khareef Dhofar 2024 at ATM

DUBAI: As part of the Dhofar Governorate’s preparations for the launch of the Khareef Dhofar 2024 activities in cooperation with the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism to promote the tourism season, the Dhofar Municipality participated in the Arabian Travel Market 2024 exhibition.

The Khareef Dhofar saw an increase in visitors last season, with 962,000 visitors compared to 813,000 in 2022. This year’s visitor count is expected to exceed one million.

Dhofar Governorate is a leading tourist destination for visitors inside and outside the Sultanate of Oman.

During the Khareef Dhofar season, tourists enjoy an exceptional experience that includes nature, relaxation, shopping, entertainment, culture, tourism, and sports activities.

Dhofar Governorate boasts natural, tourist, and cultural heritage resources alongside ambitious plans to expand economic opportunities this season and the upcoming ones.

Dr Ahmed bin Mohsen Al-Ghassani, Chairman of Dhofar Municipality, stated during the press conference on the sidelin
es of the exhibition that this year’s activities would start early in conjunction with the astronomical beginning of the Khareef season on June 21 and will continue until the end of the Khareef season on September 20.

‘This will provide a three-month duration, double the period previously allocated for Khareef season activities.It is expected to attract more tourists over a longer period, increasing the governorate’s capacity to accommodate larger numbers and ensuring smoother traffic flow. Activities will be spread across existing and new locations, offering new, thrilling experiences.’

Source: Emirates News Agency

EPAA organises Sir Bu Nair Festival on May 17

SHARJAH: The Environment and Protected Areas Authority in Sharjah (EPAA) announced the completion of its preparations for organising the 24th edition of the annual Sir Bu Nair Festival on 17th-18th May, with distinguished participation from several government sector institutions in Sharjah.

The festival is organised by the EPAA, with the participation of the Sharjah Police General Command, Sharjah Media Council, Sharjah Government Media Bureau, Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority, Sharjah Broadcasting Authority, Sharjah Sports Council, in addition to Sharjah International Marine Sports Club.

Several government and private entities, represented by Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority, Sharjah Coop, Sharjah Driving Institute, and Zulal Water, provide support and sponsorship for this annual festival to ensure its optimal success.

Hana Saif Al Suwaidi, EPAA Chairperson, stressed the importance of cooperation between community institutions and individuals and the integration of capa
bilities and plans to enhance the environmental and tourism efforts undertaken by the Emirate of Sharjah.

She noted that the continuation of the festival to perform its educational and awareness message reflects the priority of environmental protection and biodiversity within Sharjah’s agenda and aspirations towards the environment and the conservation of marine and environmental heritage.

The festival will witness various activities and events, including sports competitions, tourist tours, training workshops, and heritage sessions, in addition to an accompanying exhibition and the presence of food trucks throughout Sir Bu Nair Island, and honouring the participating entities and institutions.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Occupational Radiation Monitoring Laboratory at Emirates Health Services obtains ISO Certificate

DUBAI: Building on Emirates Health Services’ (EHS) track record of accomplishments, the Occupational Radiation Monitoring Laboratory at the Radiation Protection Centre has attained the ISO certificate for its exceptional performance in measurement and calibration.

This milestone reflects the international recognition of the lab’s efficiency and competence in delivering precise and dependable results. It plays a pivotal role in providing essential occupational radiation monitoring services to professionals in radiation-related fields, contributing significantly to radiation protection efforts within the country.

This achievement is a result of EHS’ efforts to excel and in alignment with its strategy in developing services and ensuring their inclusivity and integration following the best global practices, as well as enhancing service quality and achieving global competitiveness. The laboratory stands as one of the essential pillars within EHS to support the radiation protection infrastructure in the UAE.

Abdalla Alnaqbi, Acting Executive Director of the Clinical Support Services Sector at EHS, stressed Emirates Health Services’ commitment to refining its operational framework and embedding quality principles in its services to achieve its vision of becoming a global leader in delivering exceptional services. He viewed the ISO accreditation of the Occupational Radiation Monitoring Laboratory as a tangible manifestation of unified governmental endeavours at the federal level aimed at enhancing the quality of services for the public and the community.

Dr. Amina AlJasmi, Director of the Radiology Department at EHS, commended the laboratory for its capacity to fulfil stringent quality standards, embrace cutting-edge technological advancements, and elevate global competitiveness in excellence and leadership standards.

Dr. Amina explained that the accreditation committee conducted a comprehensive on-site evaluation of all factors in the laboratory that could impact the production of technical information. The eval
uation criteria are based on an international scale for assessing laboratories globally, focusing on the laboratory’s ability to generate accurate and reliable data for tests and calibrations. She affirmed that this achievement reflects the proficiency of the specialised team and its effective role in enhancing cooperation with international entities.

Maryam AlHajri, Head of the Radiation Protection Center, expressed sincere appreciation to strategic partners, represented by the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation and the International Atomic Energy Agency, for their fundamental and effective role in supporting the laboratory. She also highlighted that this certification will enhance the centre’s position as a key reference in the field of radiation protection and radiation safety in the country.

The Radiation Protection Centre is recognised as one of the leading entities in the UAE for providing services and consultations in the field of radiation and radiation safety. It continuously strives to enhan
ce the quality of its services by applying the latest international standards and practices.

Source: Emirates News Agency

BEEAH developing ‘AI Executive’ for empowered business decision making

SHARJAH: BEEAH, the region’s pioneer in leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to advance sustainability efforts, is taking another leap forward by developing a new ‘AI Executive’ to revolutionise business decision-making.

The AI Executive underscores BEEAH’s commitment to driving agility, efficiency and data-driven operations. The company has revealed that its ‘AI Executive’ is being developed on a proprietary Language Learning Model (LLM), capable of simplifying complex, historical data into meaningful insights that will inform and empower employees from the leadership to senior executives and their teams to make decisions in their relevant functions or industries.

As an LLM, the AI Executive will be capable of understanding and providing information based on intuitive language queries, both written and spoken. It will tailor responses to output relevant insights to further enhance organisational agility and increase efficiency.

BEEAH has long been using AI to drive sustainability and create new efficie
ncies across its industries of operation. The company’s headquarters, an iconic landmark designed by Zaha Hadid, is one of the Middle East’s first fully AI-integrated buildings and is certified LEED Platinum. Leveraging Microsoft’s Azure Cloud and Johnson Controls Open Blue platform, the BEEAH Headquarters uses AI and digital twin technology for energy optimisation and predictive maintenance.

BEEAH has also used AI within its industries, including waste management. Its waste collection and city cleaning fleet comprises advanced vehicles fitted with 360-degree cameras integrated with AI. BEEAH’s AI City Vision technology logs instances of overflowing bins or streets with litter, sharing insights on optimising service coverage and conducting awareness campaigns. Similarly, BEEAH’s Commercial and Industrial (C and I) facility is equipped with an AI Vision robot that automatically identifies and segregates different types of waste, enabling faster and more accurate recovery of valuable, high-quality alternative

Speaking about the project, Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO and Vice Chairman of BEEAH, said, ‘As we grow and diversify as an organisation, we are constantly building systems, generating data and gaining intelligence across different functions and industry operations.

Over the past decade, we have been using future technologies proactively, including AI and digital twins, which have enabled us to drive towards targets both from the standpoint of sustainability and business. The new AI executive will be a singular source that unites and amplifies our digitalisation efforts to date, drawing data and authenticating our sources and systems to enable leadership and their teams to make well-informed, holistic decisions and accelerate innovation.’

Utilising machine learning, the AI Executive will use big data from BEEAH’s digital infrastructure to generate insights. Access management will ensure data security and privacy, providing personalised recommendations based on relevant individual attributes. By
drawing from existing digital systems and building on them, the AI Executive helps technological systems be future-ready, minimising the need for frequent updates and maintenance.

‘The AI Executive will be a reliable, digital advisor that captures real-time data from across our digital systems and assets. Through text and speech, leadership can seamlessly gain the insights they need in a timely manner, enhancing visibility and promoting effective alignment across the organisation,’ added Khaled Al Huraimel.

BEEAH has already formed a team to develop the AI Executive in-house, while working with leading technology providers to ensure the solution is secure, effectively learns from the company’s historical data and provides tailored insights.

Nearly a decade ago, the UAE launched the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence of 2031, with the goal of being the most AI-prepared nation. In alignment with the UAE’s future-ready strategy. According to PwC, the annual growth rate for AI in the Middle East ran
ges from 20 to 34 per cent, projecting a potential impact of $320 billion by 2030.

‘In line with the national agenda for AI preparedness and economic diversification, BEEAH has continued to pursue AI over the past decade. The AI Executive is the next frontier of AI technology at BEEAH, acting as a singular source to bring together insights from all our systems, platforms and technologies in order to further drive innovation, efficiency, growth and ultimately add greater value to our stakeholders and cities of operation,’ said Khaled Al Huraimel.

BEEAH has invested in digitalisation and future technologies through ventures like EVOTEQ and EVOTEQ’s SmartTrack is used by the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention for “Tatmeen”, ensuring medicine integrity.’s platforms facilitate virtual recyclables trading and logistics, driving value from waste. Additionally, BEEAH has formed the Khazna Sharjah joint venture to develop the region’s first waste-to-energy powered data centre, setting new sustain
ability standards.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure supports UAE electric vehicle engineers of the future

DUBAI: The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has announced its collaboration with Dubai-based motorsports and automotive events agency Pole Position to become the strategic partner of the UAE Greenpower STEM Education Programme in which teams of students build an electric car and race against other schools to determine who can build the most energy efficient electric vehicle.

On 20th March, students and teachers from GEMS Winchester School, who are participating in the programme, had the opportunity to visit the Ministry and talk about their experience of Greenpower with Sharif Salim Al Olama, Undersecretary for Energy and Petroleum Affairs.

The students described the benefits of working on the Greenpower Programme, how it has helped raise their awareness of sustainability issues and their excitement for the upcoming Race Finals in May 2024.

Representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure had previously visited GEMS Winchester School back in November 2023 to observe students building the
ir Greenpower car and were so impressed with the initiative that they have since agreed to support the programme and help expand it into schools across the UAE.

A delegation from the Ministry will attend the Race Finals to meet the students participating and present the winning team with their trophy.

The programme, backed by the Greenpower Education Trust in the UK, was launched in the UAE in 2023 and since September, 10 teams of students aged 11-16 from GEMS Schools have been building their Greenpower cars and designing the bodywork to maximise aerodynamic efficiency and minimise weight, as well as sourcing sustainable materials for construction. They are now making their finishing touches to their cars, ready to race them in May.

The Greenpower Race Finals involve two 60-minute races where the winners will be the teams whose cars travel the furthest distance over time. The event will culminate in a prizegiving ceremony during which First, Second and Third Place trophies will be presented and awards for
the Most Sustainable Team and the Best Team Spirit.

The Greenpower Programme enables students worldwide to learn about science, engineering, and the environment, gain real-world experience, and discover the power of teamwork by building and racing an electric car. Greenpower also encourages girls to enter engineering careers, with on average 40% of those taking part in the programme each year being female.

Al Olama said, ‘Empowering the next generations of innovators and sustainability champions is our priority. The Greenpower Programme is a shining example of an initiative that helps empower youngsters to become part of the solution to global challenges. We encourage more schools to participate in the programme and open the door for their students to embrace innovative thinking. We are confident the Race Finals will be full of excitement and wish all competitors the best of luck.’

‘We are grateful that the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has given its support to the Greenpower Programme in the UAE,
and we look forward to working with them to further promote this initiative across schools throughout the UAE,’ said Ryan Trutch, Founder and CEO of Pole Position.

He added, ‘This Programme, which attracts 10,000 students worldwide each year, has already created huge enthusiasm amongst the students taking part, helping to encourage them to look at engineering careers in electric vehicle and motorsports industry, and we look forward to seeing their cars in action at the Race Finals.’

Source: Emirates News Agency