Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Corporate salaries for Indian politicians proposed

MUMBAI: Politicians should be paid salaries equivalent to top executives of the corporate world, said Infosys founder N R Narayana Murthy.
He made the remarks at the inaugural lecture of the D.D. Kosambi festival of ideas at Panaji while discussing ways to make the Indian government corruption-free, Times of India reported.

“By not paying them the salaries and incentives they deserve for the hard work expected of them, we are unwittingly pushing them to do things they shouldn’t be doing,” he said.
“A politician’s job involves hard work, lot of travel and they should get compensated adequately. Currently what they are officially paid is no where enough to cover the costs for doing their duty,” Murthy said in the report.
According to the report, he cited an example of a techie who left his high paying job in Silicon Valley to become an MP in India and now is struggling to do his normal work as a politician.
“India’s young professionals have the shortest working hours and the lowest levels of discipline. Rather than emulate the hardworking workers in China and Japan, they would rather adapt western ways, and whine about working for eight hours,” he remarked, according to the report.