Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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Jordanian delegation arrives in Syria via Nassib crossing

Daraa, A delegation from the Jordanian Bar Association (JBA) arrived in Syria through Nassib border crossing on Thursday, stressing on the unity of the Syrian and Jordanian peoples.

The delegation paid tribute to the steadfast Syrian people in the face of terrorism.

In a press statement, JBA President Mazen Irsheidat said that we are the sons of Greater Syria and we are one people.

He pointed out that we came today to Syria to affirm the bonds of Arabism, which brings together Syria and Jordan which are always an integral whole. We are here to celebrate with Syria the salvation from terrorism and the reopening of this vital and important crossing.

For his part, Head of the Syrian Bar Association Daraa branch said that the Jordanian delegation's visit is a clear position against the terrorism that attacked Syria during the past years.

On October 15, Nassib-Jaber crossing between Syria and Jordan was re-opened officially and traffic between the two countries started, ending a three-year closure due to the terrorists' control over it.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency