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Russian center: 1000 terrorists in “moderate opposition” areas attack army positions in southwestern Aleppo

Lattakia,– The Russian Center for coordination and monitoring the cessation of hostilities agreement confirmed that about 1000 terrorists launched an attack on Syrian army positions southwest of Aleppo city, noting that Turkish troops were seen near Aleppo city.

A spokesman for the center, based at the Russian airbase in Hmeimim said, in a statement on Saturday that about 1000 terrorists attacked positions of the Syrian Army in al- Breij area in southwestern Aleppo, noting that the assault was launched from the direction of al-Ansari area where the so-called “moderate opposition” groups are positioned.

Fierce clashes broke out between the terrorists and units of the Syrian army in an area located 800 m from a camp in al-Nassr neighborhood as the terrorists are trying to gain access into part of the highway, the spokesman added.

He quoted local sources as saying that terrorist groups with Turkish soldiers among them were seen in areas near neighborhoods in Aleppo city where hostilities are going on.

In a statement on Friday, the Russian center confirmed that new terrorist groups arrived in Daret Ezza and Azaz areas in northern Aleppo and referred to an increased flow of big trucks crossing the Turkish border into Syria and the infiltration of 200 Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists into Aleppo.

According to the center’s spokesman, 40 civilians were killed and 100 others were injured in terrorist attacks on al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo city.

The Russian Center explained that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists used artillery, anti-aircraft systems and mortars in shelling the neighborhoods of al-Sheikh Maqsoud, al-Muhafaza, al-Zahraa neighborhoods in Aleppo city and al-Nairab airport, in addition to shelling Syrian army positions in Handarat area in the north.

The center’s spokesman told reporters that Jabhat al-Nusra took advantage of the cessation of hostilities and the presence of factions of the so-called “moderate opposition” to re-position its fighters and increase its arms and ammunition supplies and launched activities on neighboring areas.

According to the locals of Marea in Aleppo, fighters of the so-called “Syrian Free Army” are moving through checkpoints and regions controlled by ISIS terrorist groups.

This information, the center said, confirms contacts between commanders of terrorist groups of ISIS and the “Free Syrian Army” and agreement to prepare for joint operations against local areas in northern Aleppo, noting that the weapons, ammunition and supplies dropped by US aircrafts in Marea have fallen into the hands of ISIS terrorists.

The cessation of hostilities agreement came into effect on February 27 and it doesn’t include ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other groups designated as terrorist organizations by the UN Security Council.





Source: Syrian Arab News Agency