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SYP 70 billion allocated for marketing wheat crop in 2017

Damascus, Chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, a special working meeting was held on Wednesday at which an amount of SYP 70 billion has been initially allocated for marketing wheat crop for this year.

During the meeting, the required preparations to receive the wheat crop for this season were discussed, in addition to tasking the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection with developing an advanced marketing mechanism through which the centers for receiving wheat in each province will be determined within 15 days, in addition to the development of an accurate mechanism to receive the crop and put it in silos and reviewing the Central Marketing Committee.

In turn, Khamis said the government will receive the wheat crop at encouraging prices according to clear criteria by specialized committees in each province, adding that the state continues to secure the requirements for the success of the grain season to achieve the national interest.

He noted that the revenues of the sale of bread are estimated at SYP 4.5 billion monthly, while the state pays SYP 200 billion annually to support the production of bread.

For his part, Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Ahmad al-Qadiri pointed out that the area planted with wheat in the provinces amounted to 1,169,000 hectares this year, and that according to the plan, this area will produce about 2,170,000 tons of wheat.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency