Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Zac Efron punched during a brawl in downtown LA

Zac Efron was involved in an altercation with transients in downtown Los Angeles in the wee hours on Sunday but the details are, well, fuzzy.

First, here’s what police said on the record: Efron and a friend were waiting at Temple Street near the 110 Freeway when officers were flagged to the area by a third party, L.A. Now reported. The police arrived around 2.30am and found evidence of an altercation.

A police spokesman had no other details about what had gone down, but authorities confirmed that the High School Musical star had tangled with at least one transient after becoming “stranded” in the sketchy area.

Now for the unnamed-sources details: the friend, initially referred to as a “bodyguard” when TMZ first reported the story, told the website that they’d run out of gas at the bottom of the freeway offramp around 12.30am. Efron reportedly told police that while waiting for a tow truck they’d thrown a bottle out of the window of the car, disturbing transients, one of whom wound up punching the 26-year-old actor in the mouth.

The friend, whose name TMZ agreed not to use, later told the website that the That Awkward Moment actor had actually played the hero, getting out of the car and wielding a bottle as a weapon to fend off three homeless men as one “stabbed” at the friend several times with a “spear”. The friend didn’t say why he himself was out of the car in the first place, however.

The friend-bodyguard has a criminal history involving drugs and violence, TMZ said. Efron last year completed rehab.