Accura Scan Now Flying Up Wings In Middle East

Innovative User Verification technology Accura Scan succeeded in procuring UAE’s Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) as a digital partner

MUMBAI, India, May 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Accura Scan, the pioneer in user authentication, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership as a KYC onboarding solution provider to the Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD). This possession evinces Accura Scan’s prudent extension and business diversification initiative in the international domain with its KYC compliant system that affords high-quality verification of customers. Accura Scan has stepped into a new milestone with this breakthrough. Both Accura Scan and Commercial Bank of Dubai are excited about collaborating & escalating customer utility by integrating their two crucial work disciplines.

The banking and the finance industry has a deep concern for augmented security services to avert safety threats for their transaction systems. Commercial Bank of Dubai, one of the world’s elite banks, is offering a complete digital account opening in less than a minute. Under this partnership, Accura Scan is going to take care of the entire User Onboarding with its stalwart digital systems. CBD’s default digital strategy to provide customers with innovative & technological products & services to enrich their banking experiences will be henceforth strengthened by Accura Scan’s eKYC solution program by scanning Emirates ID, Passports with Face Biometrics in less than 10 seconds. Accura Scan Engine has been catering to industries like Bank, Finance, Travel, Hospitality, and other verticals with its Web & Mobile solutions for four years now, having its base in Mumbai, India & Dubai, UAE.

Yasin Habibali, Founder of Accura Scan states, “Accura Scan is delighted to come on board with CBD to our family of companies. CBD was looking for a solution that could offer them smooth and seamless operations with their KYC process. I believe they were well convinced with our presentation and purpose of business to give us an opportunity and signed a contract with us. It is going to boost Accura Scan’s ecosystem to further our commitment to deliver deep-domain expertise to financial transaction automation market and beyond. We would continue to focus on enabling our partner’s operational efficiencies and an optimized workflow for the future.”

About Accura Scan

Accura Scan is a powerful User Onboarding Solution technology, a pioneer in its field, with a No Code AI Platform, API, and SDK technology.

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