Authorities direct coordination ahead of winter

The Ministry of Local Administration Thursday directed municipalities, municipal affairs directorates and joint services councils across the Kingdom to put response plans in place for emergencies during the winter.

The Ministry requested the cleaning and unclogging of valley streams, canals, and rainwater drainage; forming teams to inspect them continuously; holding workshops to address emergencies; and sending a report on cleaned areas to the Ministry, the governorate and the Directorate of Municipal Affairs.

The Ministry’s directives focus on alerting people living near valley streams and torrents to take caution and deport them if circumstances require.

The Ministry said it would coordinate with administrative governors, the Ministry of Works, the Greater Amman Municipality, the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management, the Jordanian Armed Forces, the Directorate of Public Security (DPS), the Civil Defence Department (CDD) and the concerned authorities regarding areas with common overlap.

Source: Jordan News Agency