Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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(*) Geagea says President of the Republic ought to pressure Russia to resolve the crisis of the displaced

"We are pinning hopes on the visit of President Michel Aoun to Russia," said Lebanese Forces Party Chief, Samir Geagea, following a regular meeting by the "Strong Republic" Parliamentary Bloc this evening.

He hoped that President Aoun would exert pressure for the sake of solving the refugees' crisis.

Geagea refused to "link the return of Syrian refugees to their country to an awaited political solution," calling for securing the climate for them "which will only happen through the Russians' contact with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad due to the Russian weight in this matter," as Geagea indicated.

On the financial-economic situation in the country, Geagea regretfully deemed that "it is still deteriorating and the indicators are not reassuring."

He pointed to the lack of action related to the budget issue, whereby it has not yet been submitted to the Council of Ministers and the Parliament Council. Geagea stressed herein the "need for a quick rescue operation at the financial and economic levels," disclosing that "the LF ministers will apply for legislation to approve the budget."

On the electricity dossier, Geagea considered that "electricity is part of the budget," noting that "there is a plan for electricity and we will wait for its practical steps to give our assessment."

"No party in Lebanon can cover for the current electricity situation," asserted Geagea, demanding the establishment of a governing body for electricity and the appointment of a new administrative board. "It only needs a decision," he corroborated.

Geagea considered that if the cabinet remains without any mechanism, the country would be in a condition of "no State and no Cedar!"

He also appealed to the Central Inspection Body and the Public Prosecution to follow up on the Customs waste issue.

In response to a question about US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's terrorism accusations against Hezbollah, and the nature of Geagea's meeting with Pompeo, the LF Chief said: "Our meeting with Pompeo was normal and our talks were general. As for our position regarding Hezbollah, our stance is well-known, for what we say in private, we voice in public...We support our policy and do not succumb to the policy of others."

On the American decision to annex the Golan to Israel, Geagea said: "This is a step that will aggravate the situation in the Middle East and lead to the exclusion of peace...We are not with this step, and we are committed to the International Resolutions on the Golan, namely #242 and #338."

Source: National News Agency