Friday, November 22, 2019
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Inventor from Sweida designs a head-controlled wheelchair

Sweida, Inventor Ajwad Hassan Shuja' from Sweida province developed a head-controlled wheelchair specialized for amputees and those afflicted with cerebral palsy. The wheelchair is designed to help patients move independently from one place to another by the tilt movement of their head.

The wheelchair is equipped with electric motors, electronic charging circuit and two batteries, in addition to a special plastic head cap the patient wears which sends a wireless signal to the surrounding frame that in turn gives orders through a net of wires connected to an electronic set to steer the wheelchair in the right direction.

Shuja' told SANA that it took him one year to design this wheelchair using simple tools such as a drill, iron welding and grinding machines, and metal and plastic materials.

He won the bronze medal at al-Basel Fair for Invention and Innovation.

Shuja' was born in 1946. He is a retired assistant engineer and a member of the Syrian Inventors Association. He has several registered inventions such as an automated wheelchair to help elderlies and patients with lower limb disabilities in climbing stairs and sidewalks and a burglar alarm, in addition to a landline home security system.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency