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Navid Nasr: “Saudi Government Takes US Abuse, Because They Have to!”

TEHRAN Navid Nasr, political analyst, says Saudi King Salman has brought shame on the country as US President Trump allows himself to publicly offend him as the ruler of the country.

[King Salman] is also aware that if he or any other Saudi ruler gets out of hand, the US will militarily invade the kingdom, overthrow the government and secure the oilfields, he added.

In an exclusive interview with FNA, Navid Nasr mentioned some rights violations by the kingdom, saying Riyadh has the US political cover, for which it allows itself to practice torturing, murdering and dismembering of opposition figures.

Navid Nasr is an independent geopolitical analyst based out of the US. His works have been featured on various international news outlets, including Press TV, RT, Sputnik, Fars News, Azerbaijan Today, Balkans Post, Fort Russ News and other media.

Below is the full text of the interview:

Q: Trump says Riyadh is a milk cow, or King Salman accepts to pay more for US military support with only a phone call, which is clearly humiliation of Saudi Arabia. Why do Saudi officials take this shame?

A: The Saudi government takes this abuse because they have to. Humiliation or not, they know that Trump is right. As much as the US is dependent on Saudi oil, the Saudis are also dependent on US largesse, weapons and other military aid, and, most important of all, political cover. How many other countries can torture, murder and dismember someone under the protection of the US, brazenly and openly, and not only get away with it scot free, despite all the venom and vitriol of the US media and Congress being directed at them; but then actually have the President of the US sanctify the whole thing by calling the murdered individual a terrorist associated with the Muslim Brotherhood?

Q: [Saudi King Salman,] you might not be there for two weeks without us, Trump said. Do you believe Saudi Arabia's monarch needs foreign support to rule the country? Is King Salman ruling his country? Or elsewhere?

A: "Saudi Arabia" was, essentially, founded as a British protectorate that was independent in name only. In the 1950s that stewardship passed from the UK to the US. Yes, King Salman is the head of the state, but he is also aware that he, first and foremost, has to stay on the good side of the Americans and that if and when push comes to shove, the US will militarily defend the Saudis and if he or any other Saudi ruler gets out of hand, the US will militarily invade the kingdom, overthrow the government and secure the oilfields. In fact, this is a plan that was explicitly outlined in the 1970s during the oil crisis.

Q: Trump signed the largest arms deal in history with Saudi Arabia. This is while Saudi Arabia is in war with Yemen, and it fuels Takfiri terrorists in Syria and Iraq. Could we see Trump as a complicit in Saudi war crimes?

A: Trump is complicit in Saudi, Emirati and AQ/"South Yemeni" war crimes in Yemen, no doubt about it. Just as he is complicit in Ukrainian war crimes in Novorossiya, Daesh/Al-Nusra/Ahrar al-Sham, etc. war crimes in Syria and Iraq, Pakistani/Taliban war crimes in Afghanistan, terrorist attacks in Iran, repeated destabilization attempts in Macedonia and so much more. Because the nature of the Beast that stood opposed to him in the elections was crystal clear to all but the most ignorant or self-deluded, I was one of those people who wanted to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, particularly on foreign policy matters. But he has had ample time to show what he's made of. In fact, we're already into the next election cycle. And he has clearly shown, time and time again, that he's a creature of the neocons who run US foreign policy, despite all their initial whining and kvetching about his presidency.

Source: Fars News Agency