White House Refutes Reports of Israel-Hamas Truce Agreement

WASHINGTON D.C. – The White House on Sunday denied the existence of a US-mediated agreement between Israel and Hamas regarding the release of Israeli prisoners in Gaza in exchange for a temporary ceasefire.

According to Jordan News Agency, as reported by the Washington Times, Adrienne Watson, spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council, refuted claims of an agreement, stating on a social media platform that efforts are ongoing to reach a settlement. This response came following a report by the Washington Post, which cited informed sources claiming that Israel and Hamas had reached a preliminary agreement through American mediation. The reported deal involved the release of Israeli prisoners in exchange for a five-day cessation of hostilities in Gaza. The Washington Post had indicated that the hostage release could commence within days, potentially leading to the first pause in the ongoing conflict, provided the detailed six-page agreement is adhered to.

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