Xinjiang’s Tarim Basin ramps up gas exploration

Kuche: Tarim Basin, a major natural gas source in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, has seen vigorous development with 12 new gas wells in being put into operation in Tarim Oilfield since the beginning of the year, elevating the gas supply capability in southern Xinjiang.

According to a report from China Central Television, the advancements have resulted in the oilfield’s daily gas supply averaging over 16 million cubic meters. Furthermore, new infrastructure allows this gas to be transported through a 4,000-kilometer pipeline extending from Xinjiang to the eastern metropolis of Shanghai, as confirmed by oilfield operators.

“We have connected the natural gas pipeline network in Southern Xinjiang with the west-east gas pipeline network by building new pipelines. Branch lines covering a wider range of counties and villages have also been built, and we have set up four compressor stations to elevate gas supply capability,” said Chang Guichuan, head of the transportation and marketing departme
nt of PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Branch.

New natural gas reserves have been found in Tarim Oilfield with the help of new exploratory wells. A new natural gas processing plant has been built on the Pamirs Plateau, pushing up the area’s daily processing capacity from one million cubic meters to three million cubic meters.

With the establishment of Bozi natural gas processing plant in the southern parts of the Tian Shan mountains, the gas-bearing area is able to process over 30 million cubic meters of natural gas.

A total of 32 oil and gas fields have been built surrounding the Tarim basin since the country started an exploration campaign in the area 35 years ago.

The area has proven oil and gas reserves reaching 3.5 billion tonnes of oil equivalent and has a total gas output of over 400 billion cubic meters.

Oil and gas exploration and production have driven high-quality socio-economic development in Xinjiang and have also helped ensure China’s energy security.

Source: Emirates News Agency