Doctors’ strike in Madrid ends with agreement after 4 months


The four-month-long doctor's strike in Madrid has ended after an agreement was signed Thursday between the Health Ministry and the AMYTS medical union.

According to the agreement reached by the Strike Committee and the ministry, it has been reported that the monthly salaries of doctors will be increased by pound 450 ($478) and their workload will be reduced.

Angela Hernandez, the general secretary of the AMYTS, who made a statement after the end of the strike, which included about 5,000 doctors and lasted for about four months, said: "After the long negotiation process, we agreed on a ground where there will be no winners or losers."

"The important thing will be to follow up the agreement reached," Hernandez added.

Under the agreement, it was also noted that the overtime wages of doctors were increased and the daily working hours of family and pediatricians were determined as 300 minutes at the most.

Doctors, who complain about spending two-three minutes with a patient, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the patient density and lack of personnel, will be able to deal with a patient for 10-15 minutes with the new agreement.

Source: Anadolu Agency