Foreign Ministry: Syrians’ performance of their duty in presidential entitlement expression of commitment to Homeland

Damascus, SANA- Foreign and Expatriates Ministry voiced high appreciation for the Syrian citizens abroad over practicing their national duty in casting their votes to presidential elections, affirming that this massive participation is an expression of deep belonging to homeland and adherence to the independent national decision.

The Ministry said in a statement on Friday that Syrian citizens abroad cast their votes to Presidential elections in polling stations at embassies of the Syrian Arab Republic.

It added that despite a handful of countries hostile to Syria have deprived the Syrians from their constitutional right by banning holding of elections on their lands, yet the large turnout to polling stations by the Syrians all over the world is an expression of the deep belonging to the homeland, rejection of any form of dependency, and external interference in its affair, and adherence to the independent national decision.

The Ministry concluded the statement by reiterating the important role of the Syrian expatriates in participating in all national entitlements, contributing to rebuilding what has been destroyed by terrorism.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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