Gaza City: Indonesian Hospital Turned into Barracks by Israeli Forces, Says Gaza Ministry Official

Gaza City, November 21: The Indonesian hospital in Gaza City is being converted into barracks by Israeli occupation forces, stated Ashraf Al-Qudra, a spokesperson for the Gaza Ministry of Health. This development was announced during a press conference on Monday.

According to Jordan News Agency, and efforts are underway with the Red Cross to evacuate injured individuals trapped within the facility. He highlighted the risk of hospitalized patients being used as human shields, referencing similar instances at the Al-Shifa Medical Complex. The spokesperson emphasized the commitment of medical staff to remain at the Indonesian hospital until all injured persons are evacuated.

Currently, 700 people, including 259 injured or ill, are detained by occupation forces at the Al-Shifa Complex. Al-Qudra reported that a United Nations committee visited the complex but did not provide new information regarding the evacuation of stranded individuals. He described the dire conditions inside the Al-Shifa Complex, including lack of food, water, and electricity, and noted the loss of communication between hospitals in the area, complicating updates on the situation.

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