Germany reports rise in far-right crimes

Germany recorded 23,083 far-right crimes last year, according to preliminary figures released by the Interior Ministry.

The figures represent more than a 5% rise from 2021, when 21,964 crimes by right-wing extremists were registered.

These included propaganda offences, insults on social media, threats, arson, and physical assaults.

Neo-Nazis and right-wing extremists carried out at least 1,138 violent attacks last year. At least 478 people were injured in these attacks, according to official figures.

Experts say the actual figures could be much higher, as many victims do not report incidents to the police, thinking their complaints will not be taken seriously.

Germany had registered 23,604 far-right crimes in 2020, which was the highest annual figure over the last two decades. In 2021, there was a slight decrease compared to the previous year.

Anti-Muslim hate crimes

According to the latest data, German police registered at least 569 Islamophobic crimes last year across the country.

There were 45 attacks on mosques and at least 25 people were injured because of anti-Muslim violence.

The figures also included dozens of hate crimes against Muslims, cases of intimidation, vandalism and property damage.

Anti-Semitism in Germany

Official figures have shown that anti-Semitism also remains a serious problem in the country.

In 2022, authorities registered 2,639 anti-Semitic crimes in Germany, including 88 violent attacks.

At least 31 people were injured in these attacks.

Germany’s Jewish community has repeatedly warned that the far-right groups are trying to exploit the energy crisis and economic downturn to stir up fear and hatred against Jews in Germany.

Rise in attacks against refugee shelters

German authorities also registered 121 attacks against refugee shelters last year, marking an upward trend for the first time since 2015.

At least 1,248 refugees and asylum seekers were also targeted with verbal and physical violence outside the refugee shelters, according to figures by the Interior Ministry.

Germany took in more than 1.2 million refugees in 2022. The vast majority of them were Ukrainians who fled their homes due to the war.

Source: Anadolu Agency