Khasawneh says Israeli war on Gaza ‘blatant violation of human rights’

Doha: Prime Minister Bishr Khasawneh Monday said during a session at the Doha Forum, “The Israeli war on Gaza constitutes a blatant violation of human rights and crimes against humanity.

Khasawneh said at the session that discussed the repercussions of the Israeli war on Gaza that the war on the besieged enclave comes at the same time that the world commemorates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Khasawneh added that the justifications for the war “did not call for all this catastrophic loss of life,” as the death toll in Gaza had risen to at least 18,000, 65% of whom were women and children, adding that the Israeli bombardment and shelling wounded more than 50,000 Palestinians.

He urged the international community to “urgently” work on an immediate ceasefire, adding, “If the war continues, we may witness an expansion of hostilities in the region. This is the fourth war carried out by Israel against Gaza, and it is doing the same work and waiting for different results.”

Responding to a question ab
out forced displacement, Khasawneh said an expulsion would be a “clear” violation of the peace treaty signed between Jordan and Israel, which prohibits the forced displacement of residents.

Khasawneh said, “We are concerned that the current events in Gaza and settler violence in the West Bank create conditions that force people to be displaced beyond the borders and forced to leave.”

He added that Jordan and Egypt reject displacing or creating any circumstances that impose displacement on Palestinians outside Gaza and the occupied West Bank. ” This is a red line for both countries.”

“We are in the same line with the international community and the position of the American administration, which emphasises preventing mass displacement, the occupation of Gaza and an increase in settler violence in the West Bank or attacking the existing historical and legal situation in the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, which are under the Hashemite guardianship,” he explained.

Khasawneh said the region woul
d not enjoy security and stability without establishing a sovereign Palestinian state on the lines of June 4, 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

He noted that His Majesty King Abdullah has warned that failure to find a solution to the Palestinian issue would lead to a “continuation of the cycle of violence,” adding, “What we are witnessing in Gaza today is the result of a failure to respond to the hopes and aspirations of the Palestinian people.”

Regarding Jordan-US ties, Khasawneh said, “It is a strategic and historical relationship,” adding, “The nature of the strategic relationship between the two countries allows us to hold frank discussions on many issues, and we may have differences in views, especially regarding the immunity granted to Israel from not applying the rules of international law and international humanitarian law, which must end.”

He added, “We have begun to see a change in some positions, including rejecting the displacement of Gazans and the occupation of Gaza. We hope the US wi
ll play a greater role in ending this conflict and reaching a ceasefire.”
Source: Jordan News Agency