US says diplomacy ‘won’t be our last resort’ if Iran reluctant to negotiate over its nuclear program


The US said Thursday that diplomacy is its primary means of halting Iran’s nuclear program but not the last option if Tehran remains reluctant to negotiate over it.


“Diplomacy is always going to be our first resort, but if we aren’t met with a willing partner on the other end, it won’t be our last resort,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters.


“So we’re always engaged in consultations with allies and partners around the world about this challenge because it is a challenge that has implications for our friends around the world,” he said.


The remarks came in response to a question by Anadolu on Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant’s comments during a press conference with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.


“The Iranian nuclear threat requires us to be prepared for every course of action,” Gallant said.


Asked whether the US shares the same assessment, Price said Washington shares the assessment that Iran’s nuclear program is an urgent challenge.


“We have a solemn commitment that Iran will never acquire a nuclear weapon. We are determined to make good on that commitment. We believe the most effective means by which to fulfill that commitment is through diplomacy,” he added.


Price noted that the solution to the challenges posed by Iran’s nuclear program could only be achieved through diplomacy.


Source: Anadolu Agency