Merna Obeid among five most distinguished young girls in American Maryland

Once again, the Syrians occupy their place in the fields of excellence, as Syrian young girl, Mirna Asaad Obeid, won the award of / one of the five most distinguished young girls for this year in the US state of Maryland / which is given by a special committee for women in appreciation of her achievements and her ability to occupy administrative positions and contributing to an effective and positive work in her community.

Mirna told SANA that the award is linked to an achievement “I did as a woman to have an influence in society, as I established a club to teach and assist students in mathematics and physics subjects during my high school studies.”

The ambitious Myrna, who is proud of her identity and belonging to Syria, considers that “the Excellence of a Syrian student in the midst of war is greater and more important than the distinction that I obtained in America,” stressing that Syria possesses a lot of competencies, talents and students who like science.



Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)